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Specializing in coaching, showing and training all around APHA and open show competitors. With over 15 yrs experience, Megan Bishop offers a program that is built on the importance of rhythm and balance for success in competition. Megan has worked with various World Champion Trainers  in Canada, US and Europe. She has trained/coached/produced multiple futurity winners, high point champions, money earners, amassing APHA points and ROM’s in multiple disciplines and on APHA’S Top Twenty Lists and Zone Winner.

She offers her knowledge and experience to you and your horse offering greater connection and success in the winners circle.


  • Having been a student of Megan Bishop’s for the past year and having had my QH gelding in training with her, I want to let everyone know that she definitely has a gift and is an amazing trainer. When I found Megan my horse “knew nothing” and has come full circle to being a willing and loveable worker. Megan will work with you to find a program that works for your horse and your schedule, she is fantastic! Thank you for everything Megan!!!”

    Jennifer Reid ~ Valley N.S.

  •  Love what your doing with my horse! Thanks to your training him, lessons with me and the many tips you’ve shared I think he’s awesome. Look forward to our next lesson 🙂

    Susan Trask ~ Amherst NS

  •  “I remember the first time I met Megan; I had just moved my horse Cricket home and was having difficulty working with her especially ground work. Megan was an interesting choice I had heard about her talents through a local stable from which she taught at. She didn’t hesitate at all, she asked “what time would work for you?” since she met Cricket and helped me find ways of dealing with her quirks I have never doubted her knowledge of her talents as a instructor, we never run out of “horsey” things to talk about and in the horse world having her is like having a horsewomen as my best friend.

               For me having Megan is amazing she is a very generous person. Her hours are very flexible and when scheduling lessons she would always fit me in. Megan will find the perfect schedule for you and your horse, and she personalizes it so it works with great results. Our biggest breakthrough with my horse was when we finally got Cricket accepting the bit and started winning at shows it was the best experience I had. Megan taught me that hard work was the key to being successful I believe that to the fullest. Megan handles her clients and the horses with professionalism and has a lot of experience. I also really appreciate her can-do attitude and all the work she made me do, it helped shaped me to be a better rider. When the opportunity came to study in New Zealand she supported me all the way I really want to thank her for that and all the lessons. With Megan’s help she has given me a chance to reach my goals.

               She is a great teacher and has a vast knowledge about horse health and horses in general. My one regret is that I didn’t meet her sooner so I wouldn’t have developed my bad habits ☺

    Thank you coach!”

    Allie Sears~ Brookfield N.S