Amanda Greaves ~ Moncton N.B.

 I first emailed Megan about a year ago looking for a coach. I had taken lessons from the age of 6 until I went to university. Once I started university I would only ride on holidays when I was home at my parents place. Then, after 4 years basically out of the saddle I finally brought my horse up to Truro and I learned rather quickly that I had gotten a bit rusty. So, along came Megan… and the first thing I said to her was: “Hi. My name is Amanda and I just want to let you know that I am never going to jump or show… I am ok with anything else.” At that point she should have thought to herself… YIKES this one is crazy… but she stuck with me and my insanity and has really helped me on my road to riding recovery! She is very understanding and doesn’t even get the slightest bit frustrated when I learn how to do something one way, and then when we turn around she has to explain everything again from the beginning. And… believe it or not I am now actually considering showing again because of her… I don’t know how she did it, but that in itself shows just how much of a miracle worker she is… because I pretty much swore that I would NEVER show again.

After I was very comfortable with Megan I had a brilliant idea… I would get her to teach my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters as well. She started taking lessons a few months ago and Megan has been absolutely stellar with her. She explains things so they are clearly understood and really helps my sister with her confidence and provides lots of positive reinforcement throughout each session! She also doesn’t push her too much and really ensures that she has steady progress.

           Overall, I am very impressed with Megan and the way that she has worked with both my little sister and I. I would recommend her to anyone… beginner to advanced.