Beth Rose ~ Ridgeway, ON

“I first met Megan several years ago while boarding at a local stable. I was having some issues with my draft cross leaning and pulling on me. Megan was happy to make time in her schedule right away to start working with us. Over that summer, she taught me how to be a much more effective rider, and also taught my mare some much needed skills. She put the same time and effort into me and my lazy trail horse, as she would a show horse/rider and adapted her training program to fit us perfectly.

Shortly afterward, I decided the time was right to further my skills, and take on a weanling to raise and show. Megan was there with me through every step of the process, giving advice and looking at countless prospects until the absolute perfect fit turned up. From the time Sawyer arrived in my yard at 4 months old, I always had Megan’s help, whether it was teaching him to stand tied or putting on the finishing touches before heading off to our first show. Thanks to Megan, I always feel confident and well prepared before entering the show ring, and I know I will always have a fabulous support team right there with us. I would never have been able to do any of this alone!

In these past few years with Megan, I have learned and accomplished more than I have during the rest of my life with horses. I think the performance of all of Megan’s own, and her client’s horses speak volumes of her abilities and dedication as a trainer. The horses and riders are all so different, yet the results that she gets with them are very consistent. Megan is not only a great friend, but I can always count on her when I have any horsey questions, or just to talk about what is going on in the horse industry in general. I would never hesitate to recommend her to someone looking for a trainer, coach, judge, or just for a second opinion or advice on something. Thanks for everything!!”