Genevieve Poitras ~ Edmonton AB

“I’ve had Megan Bishop as both a riding coach and full-time trainer for my horse Mia for a full year. When I decided to get back into horses in my last year of dental school, a dentistry teacher who was also in the horse industry had highly recommended Megan to me. I went online and read Megan’s website and credentials, which were extremely impressive.

When I spoke to Megan for the first time, I could tell that she was exactly what I was looking for in a coach and horse trainer. I explained that I was looking for a young new mare that I could grow as a rider with and eventually compete with in either western pleasure or reining. Less than two weeks later, Megan had found my match, a 3-year-old little black appaloosa mare named Mia.

Mia was immediately put into full-time training 5-6 times per week. As I was in my last year of dental school, my schedule was extremely busy but Megan was very flexible and was always able to give me lessons based on my schedule. I knew immediately that she was dedicated to both horse and rider. She took into account both my strengths and Mia’s strengths to determine which direction of training that would yield the best results.

During the summer, I was sent away for military training in Quebec. I still wanted Mia to have show experience and asked Megan to give her as much exposure as possible. It turned out that Mia and Megan, along with some of Megan’s other students cleaned-up at all of these shows. Not only was Mia winning most of her classes but also Megan’s other horses in training were doing the exact same thing. That being said I feel that it is important for anyone looking for a phenomenal coach/trainer to know that Megan puts the health and safety of the horse first. She will not jeopardize a horse’s health for a show or any other circumstance. When Mia needed emergency veterinarian care for an eye injury, she contacted the vet, contacted me, and even rode in the trailer home to make sure she was ok. Now that is dedication!

Megan goes above and beyond what is expected of a trainer/coach. When I got posted to Edmonton, AB with the military, Megan looked after every aspect of Mia’s care  (vet check, de-worming, hoof trim, tailoring blanket, ect..) and even arranged for the best company to transport her to Alberta. On top of that, Megan’s personality is absolutely fantastic. She is always optimistic and her positive attitude resonates with both horse and rider. I highly recommend this talented woman to anyone looking to achieve equestrian goals. “